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Patterdale Parish Boundary Walk - 4th July 2009

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Distance:  30 Miles
Total Ascent:  10,000ft
Time: c.14 Hours
Maps OS Landranger 90
        OS Explorer OL5

04:45 - ie silly O’Clock in the morning. Decided to steal a march on the competition by sneaking off early at 04:50...

12:45 - ie many hours later - heading to Kirkstone - see the look of urgency as we smell tea and jam sanwiches and are worried they might have run out..

12:50: Rob is knackered, Chris looks cool, and Mike changed his shirt 5 minutes before we arrived....

12:55 - “Daddy can we go home now...”

13:05 - Chris tries to persuade Emma to take his place for the afternoon shift....

On the first Saturday of July every year a motley crew of fanatics and lunatic s undertake the Patterdale Parish Boundary Walk to raise money for Patterdale Church and School. Whilst sounding like a pleasant stroll through the fields this is in fact a 30 mile trek around the Eastern Fells of the Lake District involving 10,000 feet of ascent and other unpleasantness. In 2009 the Three Amigos had a go.....

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Glencoyne Start  -  Greenside Cairns  -  Stybarrow Dodd  -  Riase  -  Whiteside  -  Low Man  -  Helvellyn  -  Nethermost Pike  -  Dollywagon Pike  -  Seat Sandal  -  Fairfield  -  Hart Crag  -  Dove Crag Top  -  Scandale Hause  -  Red Screes  -  Kirkstone Top  -  LUNCH  -  Stony Cove Pike  -  Thornthwaite Beacon  -  Highstreet Top  -  The Knott  -  Rest Dodd  -  Boredale Hause  -  Place Fell  -  Kilbert How Foot  -  Patterdale School –  White Lion Pub.

Morning Highs

Morning Lows

Afternoon & Evening Highs

Afternoon & Evening Lows

19:00 “What was all the fuss about then...???”

19: 05 Rob looks worries that they might run out of champagne....

19:20 .... And so it’s off to the pub we go.........

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