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Dove Crag Priests Hole - October 1st  2008
The Priests Hole (it looks a bit more obvious when you’re on the ground looking up!).
MP having lunch in the Priests Hole. Bring something (useful!) to leave in the crate for other walkers and don’t forget to sign the visitors book!
Our return route over Black & Gill Crag down into Deepdale
Route - Patterdale - Hartsop - Brotherswater - Dove Crag - Priests Hole - Black Crag - Gill Crag - Deepdale - Patterdale

Weather: Bright Sunshine following by high winds and hailstones followed by sunshine!
Stunning scenery on the way down Gill Crag
View from the Priests Hole towards St Sunday Crag over Black & Gill Crag
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View from Priest Hole on Dove Crag - Photo (c) Rob Shephard MP in Priest Hole on Dove Crag - Photo (c) Rob Shephard View from Priest Hole on Dove Crag - Photo (c) Rob Shephard View down Gill Crag - Photo (c) Rob Shephard Priest Hole on Dove Crag - Photo (c) Rob Shephard
Distance:  c.14 km (8.5 miles)
Highest Ascent:  780m
Time: c.5 Hours (thanks to the me being slow!)
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OS Explorer OL5

One of those great walks when you see something on the map and think “I wonder what that’s like”. “Priests Hole” (Cave). Red rag to a bull! Pleasant start from Patterdale past Deepdale and Hartsop alongside Brotherswater. Head up Dove Crag and you’ll see the Priest Hole. Not entirely obvious the best route to approach it from, but from the picture below we came in from the south-west. Fairly steep scramble in, especially as when we were doing it we had strong winds and driving hail, but worth it! Great views, nice and dry and sheltered, and a visitors book to read! Ascend straight down or as we did across Black Crag and Gill Crag down into Deepdale. A grand (half) day out.

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