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Helvellyn Summit towards Ullswater - © Rob Shephard 2007 Helvellyn Panorama © Rob Shephard 2007
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Helvellyn Summit © Rob Shephard 2007 Striding Edge and Red Tarn © Rob Shephard 2007
We have tried to select some of the best online retailers for buying outdoor and walking equipment. Please just select from one of the adverts on this page to find all you need for your visit to Helvellyn and the Lake District.

What to wear? We recommend the following walking gear:

Walking Boots - comfortable and waterproof. You can walk Helvellyn in flip-flops but we wouldn’t recommend it! Make sure you wear your boots in before heading for the hills.

Good walking socks - again no use having good boots if your socks are too thin - blisters will arrive soon enough! Buy walking socks

Walking jacket - warm, windproof, waterproof and breathable is the  best combination. Buy walking jacket

Walking trousers - as with the jacket, warm, windproof, waterproof and breathable is the  best combination.Buy walking trousers

Base Layers -  good wicking layers to absorb the sweat, keep you dry and warm.

A rucksack - you don’t need to sweat and grunt under an 80litre pack, but make sure it’s big enough to fit in the essential gear described below. Buy rucksack

We also recommend the following links for Coast to Coast Walk Souvenirs and Patterdale Terrier Gifts.

We recommend the following “essential” walking kit to go in your rucksack:

Waterproofs - it doesn’t matter how sunny it is when you start out, the lake district has 2 of the wettest places in England, and many more besides! A good waterproof coat and trousers is essential. Buy waterproofs

Spare warm clothing - layers are best! Micro fleeces and base layers are better than lugging around grannies knitted woolly jumper - although that might be useful too! Buy fleeces

Hat & gloves - it’s where you lose most of your body heat from, so a good hat and gloves (waterproof and breathable) are always good to have. Buy hat and gloves

Food and drink -  no matter how “quick” you think you’ll be, “be prepared”. On the water front take  at least 1.5-2 litres for a full day out).

A map - of the ordnance survey variety - and make sure you know how to read it! Guidebooks can also be useful to check on best routes and pitfalls. Buy Map

A compass - a good Silva compass or equivalent, and again make sure you know how to use it. Buy compass

A whistle  - still the best way of attracting attention! Buy whistle

A survival bag - may seem like an orange dustbin sack but it can be vital - also helps keep the contents of your rucksack dry Buy survival bag

A mobile phone - but don’t forget that signals can be wayward on the top of a hill, so don’t depend on it

A tent - If you’re out and about overnight! Buy tent
Swirral Edge to Catsycam © Rob Shephard 2007

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing” - Alfred Wainwright

And for the full on outdoor experience why not pack your tent up as well, and stay at one of the many great campsites in the lake district.

If you are in any way unsure - why not seek the help of the professionals, and take a lake district guided walk

Buy Tents
Buy Survival bags
Buy Whistle
Buy Compass
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Buy Hats
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Buy Waterproofs
Buy Rucksacks
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Buy Walking Trousers
Buy Walking Jacket
Buy Walking Socks
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Crookabeck Farm Shop
Crookabeck Farm Shop in Patterdale by Ullswater. Buy mohair socks, scarves, Herdwick Wool, Rugs and much more.